WIRES (The NSW Wildlife Information & Rescue Service Inc)

Rescue Hotline 6628 1898 (24hrs) www.wiresnr.org

WIRES established in 2004 and services a huge area of the northern rivers of NSW. Receiving over 7,000 calls a year this group is kept very busy, rescuing and rehabilitating injured and orphaned wildlife, many of which are endangered species. The wildlife group holds 3–4 rescue & training courses each year and encourage the public to attend.The training is held over a weekend and provides extensive details including a WIRES manual on wildlife identification and their initial care needs. Valuable information for all new landowners and visitors to learn when living in the States’ “biodiversity hotspot.” Detailed courses are also put on throughout the year for those wishing to specialise in particular species care. These courses include, reptiles (snakes, lizards & turtles), birds, raptors, wallabies/pademelons, small mammals (including echidnas), bats, possums & gliders.

Rosebank is lucky to have several volunteer wildlife carers who have set up large semi-release enclosures, caring facilities and aviaries. The number of wildlife these members look after is remarkable and they welcome new members to join in.

Please ring the Rescue Hotline for details on the next course.

WIRES website has an extensive photo gallery and detailed information to help you identify the native animals & birds of Rosebank. Its worth a look.

Squirrel Glider

Pacific Bazza

Fiends of the Koala (FOK)

Rescue Hotline 6622 1233 www.friendsofthekoala.org
Koala Care Centre Rifle Range Rd Lismore

The koala care centre is located in the grounds of Southern Cross University and is run by volunteers who operate a rescue service for sick, injured and orphaned koalas. Critically ill koalas are transferred to the Australian Wildlife Hospital or Currumbin Wildlife Hospital in Qld. A native plant nursery is attached to the care centre providing free koala food trees to local landowners. FOK also plays an active role in promoting koala habitat restoration, mapping and research. Tours of the care centre are available for a small donation of $5 on Saturday 10.00am, Mon-Friday 10–2.00pm


Koala rehabilitation

Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers (NRWC)

Rescue Hotline 6628 1866 www.wildlifecarers.com
NRWC Inc is a not-for-profit network of trained volunteers that are licensed to rescue & rehabilitate sick, injured or orphaned wildlife for release back into the wild. The group covers the northern rivers of NSW from Ocean Shores to New Italy & Byron Bay to Tabulam. Members of the public are encouraged to become members and existing members comprises of people from all walks of life with varying levels of commitments. Volunteer work may involve rescues, transport to Vets, short or long term care of animals, assistance or administration and fundraising. Please ring for details on the next training course.

Wildlife Videos

Mountain Brushtail Possum juvenile

Ringtail Possum

Tawny Frogmouth chicks