Ridgewood Road Landcare

This was the first Landcare group established in Rosebank in 1998 and they led the way for the groundswell of landcare groups that formed around the area.The landcare group took on an ambitous project being; to link the Big Scrub remnants of Johnston’s Scrub NR & Morton’s Scrub (17 acres-privately owned) to the Nightcap National Park along Ridewood Rd & Coopers Ck. This mammoth project took 4 years.

Fox Rd Landcarers

Revegetated Riparian Gully

Koala Corridor Fox Rd

Weed & Track Management


Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre

The group were fascinated with the Big Scrub remants which had a huge diversity of flora, wildlife & birds. These species were surviving in fragmeted rainforest islands that were surrounded by cleared agriculural land. The paradise riflebird, angle-headed dragon and red-legged pademelon being just a few of the edangered species that call these islands home. Johnston’s Scrub is the largest Big Scrub remnant outside of the National Park Estate while Morton’s Scrub is the 2nd largest. Doug Johnston (grandson of the original Selector) dedicated a further 50 acres adjoing the remnant allowing it to regenerate naturally with seed from Johnston’s Scrub. Doug Johnston has written a book on the history of Eureka. This is a must read book if you are interested in the early selectors and settlers of the area.

Rosebank Landcare

In January 1999 at a meeting on the verandah of the local store, the Rosebank Landcare and Biodiversity Team formed as a project team of Rosebank Community Inc (RCI) which had been established some months earlier.

Rosebank Landcare focused on the project of regenerating the Rosebank Roadside Reserve in Armstrong Road. They encouraged the community to become involved and help plant 1000’s of Big Scrub species on the fertile river flat adjoining Yankee Creek. Picnic tables and a wheelchair friendly compost toilet were built. Many of the flora (now mature) have identification plaques, making this a great place to learn what these plants look like physically. The group have more ambitious plans for the Reserve in the future and encourage everyone to join their working bees.

The group now meets at the Rosebank Roadside Reserve on the third Saturday of each month, starting around 8am for 3 hours of fun-filled landcare work. New helpers are always warmly welcomed. Just bring a hat and gloves and you’ll be sure to have a rewarding time. For enquiries please contact Garth Kindred on 66882220 or email:

Fox Road Landcare

Fox Road Landcare established in 2000 with an aim to monitor koala movement around Rosebank and enhance their habitat. As a result 1000,s of koala food trees were planted and handed out to the public. In 2002 the group developed a method of passively identifying koalas by the different blochy white marks seen on their behinds-affectionately known as ’bum prints’. Fox Rd LC also assisted in Rosebank’s first official koala survey undertaken by SCU student Virginia Seymour in 2004. Following on from these projects the group also undertook flora ,fauna and bird identification surveys of the area.

Fox Rd LC then teamed up with WIRES, Newtrain & GreenCorps to build glider dreys, possum boxes, wildlife road signs and Rosebank’s first koala rehabilitation enclosure. Other projects included the replanting of degraded gullies with endemic Big Scrub trees to prevent erosion and stream sedimentation and a Hotspots project involving the RFS & fire ecologists which equiped landowners with the knowledge of the fire history of the area.

The group has been responsible for the preservation and enhancement of wildlife corridors along Fox, Maso & Baldwins Rds and as a result has ensured a brighter future for the Fox Road Koala Colony and threatened species of the area. For enquiries please contact Sharon McGrigor on 66882217 or email:

Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre

Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre is situated 28km north of Lismore adjacent to the Nightcap National Park and the Whian Whian State Forest on the NSW North Coast. The role of the centre is to support the teaching of environmental education though the educational institutions in the area, in particular primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, governmental agencies and community groups.

Dorroughby provides the following unique curriculum opportunities: the opportunity to integrate fieldwork in a variety of natural and built local environments; studies of rainforest studies and coastal zones which have direct connection to senior secondary syllabuses in geography, science, human society and its environment (HSIE) and agriculture; experiences in team building, self-esteem development and expedition skills.

2101 Dunoon Rd, Dorroughby NSW 2480
Phone 6689 5286