Rosebank's rolling hills

Meet the 'Locals'

Tropical fruits and sub tropical flowers are easily grown as are macadamia nuts and coffee which do extremely well. Bushtucker is also grown and is of great interest to the growing market as are our organic products. Great efforts have also been made towards the reforestation of the area which has resulted in abundant birdlife and wildlife returning to the area.

If you wish to stay longer why not book in at one of the bed and breakfasts or cottages that are located nearby. All roads to Rosebank are sealed and wind their way through the hills so please be careful and keep a watchful eye out for kids, tractors, horseriders and wildlife who also share our roads. The National Parks also have some beautiful picnic areas, scenic lookouts, the majestic Minyon & Protestor Falls, scenic drives, terrific bushwalks and secluded camping areas. There is no petrol at Rosebank so fill up before you start your journey.

Rosebank is home to a genetically different cluster of koalas and female koalas with cubs are a common sight on our farms. Another reason to be extra careful when driving around the foothills. Please also be a responsible pet owner by keeping your dogs restrained.

Farms and Forests growing together is our motto, and one we are all proud to live up to.

This website has been built to provide visitors and new landowners with a greater appreciation of prime agricultural land and create a public awareness of our environmentally sensitive area. It is hoped that rather than just visiting or moving in to enjoy our area you will come here with an aim to contribute to our community, farming activities and environment.

The Community of Rosebank is encouraged to contribute their stories to this website:


We would like to thank all of those people who have contributed to this website so far.

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